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Fuzzy Rabbit Ears

Fuzzy Rabbit Ears

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🐰Why feed Fuzzy Rabbit Ears🐰

  • 🐇Since our rabbit ears contain fur, they provide fiber that helps support digestion and stool structure in dogs and cats
  • 🪶This product is lightly dehydrated to make a tasty chew/treat for dogs and cats. These guys are light, airy and crispy!
  • 🥩Rabbit ears are high in protein and low in fat
  • A great alternative to traditional proteins
  • 🌾All of our rabbits are raised in FDA-approved rabbitries in the US that provide ethical and humane treatment to their animals. Furthermore, these rabbits are raised for human consumption, while their meat is sold to restaurants, and their ears are used as pet treats instead of being discarded. Consequently, we support zero-waste farming, a cause we are extremely passionate about.
Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Rabbit Ear
Contents: 6 Rabbit ears per bag

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