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Based in sunny Southern California, we’re proud to say that all of our proteins are ethically and locally sourced! We are extremely proud to offer single ingredient treats that do not contain fillers or preservatives.

  • Celine

    Some of you might know the pack and I from Tiktok or Instagram. I post feeding videos and all things about animal nutrition. As a Veterinary Technician, I am extremely careful about what I feed my animals. As a result of my constant search for the most simple and healthy treat on the market, I created Wulf Snacks.

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  • Wulf

    Wulf is my five-year-old chihuahua mix, she was the first dog that I rescued when I moved out of state to Montana for college! She has been with me through my stressful college years up until now. Wulf is truly the queen of sass and does not tolerate anyone’s B.S!

  • Beretta

    Beretta, is our one year old Belgian Malinois. She is a bundle of energy with an incredibly high drive. She adores cuddling as much as she loves engaging in bite sports!

  • Katana

    Katana is our three-year-old sweet baby girl! She is the cuddliest baby out there and is just an old soul. She is always by my side and is constantly wanting attention. Katana may look scary but deep down she is just a gentle sweetheart.

  • Pablo

    Pablo is our one-year-old French bulldog! He is just a big dog trapped in a small dog’s body. This boy is extremely rambunctious and loves FOOD. Pablo was raised with the dobies ever since he was a four-month-old pup so he truly believes that he is a Doberman.

  • Draco

    Last but not least we have Draco. Our three-year-old European Doberman. Draco is your typical Dobie. He is attached to me by the hip and never leaves my side. He is also a working dog and does personal protection! He loves to please and is extremely smart.

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Our Mission

Wulf Snacks is dedicated to enhancing the health and happiness of pets with our single ingredient treats. With a focus on ethically sourced ingredients, we ensure each treat supports a healthier future for pets, their families, and the planet.

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